Weddings and honeymoons are very special to us because we know how stressful but special these occasions are. We want to make the fantasy of your wedding or honeymoon a reality. Honeymooners can travel to Hawaii, Jamaica, France, or even Greece using our services. So call us and let us handle the stress!

Our gift baskets are made with love and care. We take our time to make sure everything is up to your standards. We have a variety of  items which include fruits, balloons,  birthday cakes, roses, candles, and even books. We provide gift baskets for just about every occasion.  So let us design a basket for you or your significant other, while you enjoy your free time.

We do other events such as parties, reunions, or just gatherings. So if you and a group of friends or family members want to take a trip or hang out we’re here to provide the necessary services. We love to bring excitement back into our clients (families) lives. So feel free to contact us at anytime. Click below to place event or basket order


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