Premier Locations Added

May 14, 2016


CETAC is pleased to announce access to new resorts and new locations for our members and guests. Despite the changes and new policies that the resort industry introduces, our goal is to make sure to continue to offer you access to the locations you are used to. We will always try our best to add to our services instead of take away from them. The best part, if we can find a lower price, we will!

What are the requirements for a Premier location?
The Premier locations are determined by a high demand of travel, with limited resort availability.

What does this mean for you?
Based on the location and season of your travel destination, your rates may vary.

Who are affected by these changes?
Everyone. Some exclusions may apply (Outside the continental US).

How long will it be this way?
Resort locations may be added or removed from this category based on travel demand. We will stay on top of the changes and keep you informed.

How will I know which resorts are Premier locations?
As you place your requests, our team members will let you know what is available. If a Premier location comes up, you have the option of selecting a different resort, location or date that will remain in the regular rates you are used to.

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