Cherokee Edwards Inspires

Changing Lives at Lafayette High School, Williamsburg, VA

Who is he?

Cherokee Edwards is a family man, mentor, but above all  he is a man of God. He has been in the traveling world for over 15 years. He has been number one in sales for several years. After accomplishing all these goals in the resort industry Mr. Edwards found that he can be of greater help to his customers by giving them freedom to vacation at a fixed rate and help resort owners.


Despite life's difficulties, he found a way to create this opportunity for his clients. He did so by creating CE Travelers Advantage Club (CETAC) in 2006.


CETAC has now grown to accomplish numerous goals while knocking down a few barriers on the way. Mr. Edwards  has inspired many through his words as well as his energetic personality.  His methods draws the youth to him while enlightening adults. Mr. Edwards is here to help.

The Champion Within Leadership Conference

If you weren't there you missed a life changing experience. But you don't have to wait for the next event to get inspired, uplifted and motivated. Click here to order the audio CD from the conference and have Cherokee with you whenever you need him.

Prepare to be inspired

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